Reveling in Autorub’s Latest: ‘Women of the Right’ EP

NYC’s own Autorub delivers an electrifying fusion of modern and vintage rock tones, paired with their signature sharp and tongue-in-cheek political commentary. This band’s music straddles the commercial realm while retaining an unrefined rebelliousness. Their artistic substance, both melodically and lyrically, is a breath of fresh air.

The mastermind behind Autorub, the versatile Michael Corn, brings his experience from his stints in bands like ‘Sammy’ under Geffen’s wings and the acclaimed ‘Heydevils.’ Adept not just in the music realm, Corn has also composed for popular TV shows including “Pawn Stars,” “Wahlburgers,” and “Duck Dynasty.” This EP playfully targets figures like Kari Lake, an election skeptic who apparently hit the block button on Autorub’s Twitter, and delves into the fascination some women have with firearms.

The sonic concoction found within “Women of the Right” is a delightful blend of contemporary drive and timeless allure. It seizes your attention from the first note and doesn’t relinquish its grip. A rich tapestry of influences intertwines seamlessly – echoes of Weezer, Foo Fighters, and Green Day entwine with the classics: The Stones, The Who, The Police, The Cars, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath. This mix creates a sound that’s pure gold.

Autorub’s mastery of songwriting gleams once again in this mini-EP. Six minutes is all it takes for them to whisk you away on a journey woven with clever lyrics and meticulously produced music. Their approach exudes a level of sophistication that sidesteps mudslinging in favor of cultural storytelling through art. The EP radiates authenticity, showcasing the band’s musical prowess.

“Women of the Right” spotlights two standout tracks – the punchy, garage-style “Kari Lake Blocked Me on Twitter” and the mellower, Southern-rock-infused “Big Girl Big Gun.” Special applause is due for Autorub’s lead vocalist, whose charming and evocative delivery is the perfect companion to the playful material. It’s an artistic triumph for the discerning listener.

In conclusion, “Women of the Right” is a testament to Autorub’s musical prowess, delivering both an invigorating sense of familiarity and a refreshing dose of innovation. Crafted by a seasoned songwriter with a history in the big leagues, these tunes have the potential to capture a wider audience. “Kari Lake Blocked Me on Twitter” might just be the next hidden gem, poised for discovery through the right avenues and exposure. Already making waves on indie, internet, and college radio stations, Autorub’s ascent in the music world is unstoppable, and they invite you to join them on this exciting journey.

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