R3HAB Collaborates With Now United On New Song “Run Till Dark”

Because the collaboration of these two industry giants on a single track creates an irresistible force, there is no question that this song is the most successful of the year.

R3HAB, an artist with multiple platinum certifications, and Now United, the world’s first worldwide pop group, have collaborated to create a new track titled “Run Till Dark.”

The piece that R3HAB has composed consists of a light, airy melody combined with a soft, undulating bassline. This combination lends the music an organic, worldly feel while possibly evoking natural noises and a sensation of movement.

The meticulous blending and coordination of all of the many elements resulted in a euphony that was very pleasing to the ear.

The music of the ensemble is intended to encourage harmony and an appreciation for the group’s members’ various cultural backgrounds.

The lyrical content of “Run Till Dark” appears to portray a sense of resolve and a reluctance to give up, which will likely ring true for listeners going through challenging circumstances.

Their histories and life experiences served as a source of motivation for the song’s themes of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The song “Run Till Dark” by Now United is an outstanding example of how the band’s multicultural roots can impact the music and the message that they convey.

Listen to the song below and enjoy the music video shot in northwest Saudi Arabia’s ancient city of AlUla. Follow R3hab on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow Now United as well on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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