Luciana Zogbi’s New Song “Lori” Seeks To Enlighten and Empower You

Who wouldn’t want to listen to a song whose main objective is to make them feel better about their lives and the world around them? Everyone does it.

Because of this, Luciana Zogbi wrote this song with the intention of dedicating it to you. The song “Lori” is inspiring and relevant, and it has the potential to brighten anyone’s mood in an instant.

Inspiration can be found in musicians who use their music for the betterment of society. Luciana has always been skilled in the activities she engages in.

The emphasis that Luciana places on “radical love” sends a message of candor, acceptance, and self-assurance in one’s ability to love others.

Talking about the song, she says, “I wrote this song for the people who aren’t afraid of the dark. For those who can love radically—who can love everything and anything, even the most awful of monsters. For all the mad ones who face the chaos of existence head on and laugh with open arms.”

Her song urges listeners to embrace love with an open heart and mind, and it’s fascinating to witness how musicians develop and introduce new sounds into their work.

The ease with which she can fit into a wide variety of musical forms is evidence of the Brazilian vocalist and composer’s flexibility.

We can’t wait to hear what Luciana has in store for her fans with her next single and to see her career progress because she has the talent and ingenuity to successfully blend styles and genres.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


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