Piano Prince’s “Nebula” Takes You on a Cosmic Journey

It is not every day that one comes across a tale told solely through music, without the emblematic presence of vocals or lyrics – a feat achieved beautifully by Piano Prince in their latest album NEBULA. A mesmerizing collection of 10 instrumental tracks, the album subsumes the listener into an auditory journey through the cosmos. The narrative unfolds from the mind of Coco Schwarz, otherwise known as Piano Prince, a talented non-binary pianist hailing from Zurich.

NEBULA holds an aura of classical grandeur while also unravelling an enigmatic exoticism typical to this Zurich-based musician’s style – a blend of brilliant music composition and profound storytelling. Enshrined in the universal language of music, Piano Prince’s second outing charts a journey of self-discovery in the vast expanse of the cosmos – a celestial odyssey that blends into a hypnotic soundscape.

Piano Prince's "Nebula" Takes You on a Cosmic Journey
Piano Prince’s “Nebula” Takes You on a Cosmic Journey

The curtain raiser of this cosmic ballet, “Whenever I Saw You”, immediately sets the pace and tone of the record, pulling the listeners into a vortex of hypnotically repetitive arpeggios, subtly bolstering a sense of leaving the earthly comfort behind in pursuit of boundless freedom. This wave of emotions evoked by the narrative line, coupled with the flawless piano work, ranging from soft murmurs to resounding bouts of fervour, immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The rest of the album then unfolds carefully, keeping within the boundary illusions between classical and easy listening genre, yet garnishing the narrative with enough intrigue.

The album culminates with the track aptly titled “Orange Moon”. The protagonist, our hero, Piano Prince, having combed through the cosmos, finally alights back to our home planet – an enlightening homecoming etched into the poignant strains of the piano. This bittersweet ode to Earth’s loner moon is both comforting and melancholic, encapsulating a sense of longing and relief.

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Through the evocative keys of the piano, Coco Schwarz introduces a sybaritic blend of classical music and easy listening, unfolding the narrative of the Piano Prince’s journey. The entire album is akin to a whirlwind journey that swings you around the cosmos with gravity-defying leaps of beauty, audacity, and talent.

The album leaves the listeners with an ethereal aftertaste, offering an immersive experience akin to a piano sonata intertwined with the delicate strings of a moving narrative. Nebula is not only music for your ears but also a symphony for your soul, transporting you on a cosmic journey you never want to disembark from. And this is the sheer talent of Piano Prince that stands out through this album, making it a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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