Minno Declares Hope With “Help Will Be There Soon”

Minno’s latest release, “Help Will Be There Soon,” is a powerful electronic pop track that captures the essence of change and hope. This single is a testament to the unique sound and style of Minno, a solo project by Electronic Dance Music Producer Chris Minatti.

Featuring the stunning vocals of Sophie DeFrench, “Help Will Be There Soon” delivers an infectious beat that will make your body move. This track is a prime example of EDM at its best, fusing electronic sounds with pop elements to create an energetic and unforgettable melody.

The instrumental was written and produced during the pandemic when Minno was going through some tough times and moving to a new place. The resulting track is a reflection of those experiences, encapsulating the feeling of change and struggle but from an optimistic point of view.

The words of the song are both motivating and relevant, reminding us that no matter how tough things appear, assistance is always only around the corner. The production is flawless, combining just the proper mix of electronic and pop elements to produce an immersive and exciting listening experience that will captivate you.

The vocals by Sophie DeFrench are exceptional and add a layer of depth to the track, taking it to a whole new level. Her voice is smooth and velvety, perfectly complementing the instrumental and adding to the overall vibe of the song.

Comparisons to other artists or genres are unnecessary, as Minno’s sound is truly unique and incomparable. “Help Will Be There Soon” is a testament to that, showcasing the talent and creativity of Chris Minatti.

Overall, “Help Will Be There Soon” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates good music. Minno’s ability to capture the feeling of change and struggle while maintaining an optimistic point of view is truly remarkable.

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