Meet the Magic of Smyles’ “Primarily, Maple”

Smyles is a producer, rapper, and singer from United States, DC. He combines retro soul, funk, and a mix of hip hop in his music, while also playing classical musi. Smyles started producing as a hobby, but quickly developed a serious passion for the craft. He has drawn influence from some of music’s greatest, including Kanye West, Frank Ocean, The Beatles, Nas, David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, OutKast, and Silk Sonic. His work is further shaped by his love of films, with Midnight Cowboy, Shaft, and Saturday Night Fever among his favorite films. Currently, he’s out with a new album titled “Primarily, Maple”.

Bringing classic instrumentation, discotheque styling, a groovy funk vibe, and classic sounds, Smyles crafts an enjoyable listening experience. All of the songs are dance-centric and the melodies groove. Every single track on the album brings something new and exciting giving listeners a variety of sounds from each song.

Smyles has had mostly positive reviews on all his releases so far, and this one looks to be no different. This album is like an homage or celebration to the classic sounds and vibes that made music so great. No matter what type of music you’re in to, you are sure to find something on this album to your liking.

Smyles’ album “Primarily, Maple” is an utterly delightful listen that captures the vintage groove of disco funk in all its glory. This album is a masterclass on how to make bouncy, head-nodding music that feels both dynamic and laid back.

As soon as you kick things off with the shimmering opener “Not A Soul (Can Touch Me)”, you’re instantly transported to the glitziest dancefloor of the 70s. The instrumental sections are cut through with jazzy brass and bubbly pianos, all of which provide a neat backdrop for the layer of driving rhythms that make this album so unique.

The same funky vibes are evident throughout, but the real beauty of “Primarily, Maple” is that even at its most upbeat, the entire collection feels incredibly relaxing. The songs make use of soulful horns, dreamy synths, and gentle vocal samples to create a calming atmosphere that clashes wonderfully with the upbeat grooves that pulse beneath it all.

All in all, “Primarily, Maple” is a fun and enjoyable album from Smyles, with a range of instruments and styles bringing classic sounds into the modern age. If you’re a fan of classic sounds and music, this album is definitely worth a listen.

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