Maidin Wishes You Could Have Her “Celestial Body”

New Jersey-born singer, songwriter, musician, and actress, Maidin is here again with her song “Celestial Body”.

Maidin’s melancholy folk-laced indie-pop track “Celestial Body.” Eloquent voices rise over mournful acoustic guitars, bouncing melodies, and silky backgrounds for an engrossing and sweet experience.

Maidin wants to make music that blends the vivid narrative of folk music with a new and current alternative pop sound, taking inspiration from songwriting powerhouses Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton, as well as experimental pop singers St. Vincent and Sylvan Esso.

Her next books explore adolescent relationships and the universal emotions that come with encountering love, loss, desire, and sadness.

The song is about a love that’s mostly out of reach and a desire to be with someone you can’t have in the end.

The musician, whose name is derived from the Irish Gaelic word for morning, creates dreamy and introspective folk-laced indie pop overlaid with subtle electronic beats that is as heartbreaking as it is captivating.

Maidin has been singing and playing music since she was a small girl. In the first grade, she was enthralled with the violin and begged her mother for music lessons, but she struggled with reading sheet music.

As a result, Maidin developed her own method of learning music, claiming to study sheet music while secretly playing by ear.

Maidin began playing piano by ear in church and at school shortly after, and later had piano, guitar, and voice classes, which helped her develop her innate aptitude and mold her style.

Maidin is an artist on the upswing, with an unearthly stunning voice and a natural talent to portray life’s most critical events via compassionate lyrics and a smart narrative.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Instagram via @callmemaidin


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