Garren Isn’t Missing His “Chance” With That Special Person

Make use of opportunities when they come your way and do well not to miss any of them. It might be your very first and last.

American artiste, Garren sings about this in his new song “Chance” and he actually understood his task on this one.

“Chance” seeks to address the fact that it’s always that time when you realize this is your chance to make sure what you want from that particular someone is clear.

His soothing vocals and distinctive flow is laid on a perfectly executed Ambrose “AP” Pierce instrumental which makes listening pleasurable. You can’t get enough of this!

Garren was born and raised in Compton, and his track “Wrong Way” became viral. He has a number of good songs to his credit as well.

Garren continues to be an activist outside of music, giving back to people of his neighborhood and charities, as well as working with local NGOs.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram via @garren


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