Fready Unveils His Latest Single ‘Never Broke Again’

Fready is a multitalented artist who draws inspiration from Afrobeat and has extensive musical experience, including the creation of record artwork, freestyling, and participation in music projects.

His music is strongly ingrained in a singular ‘Nzema’ theme, blending a variety of Afro-genres with a strong West African influence.

His music has been called “Nzema” music. Tracks such as “Nana Nyamenle” emanate a soothing Afro-beat atmosphere, yet tracks such as “GO GA GA” embrace an upbeat Afro-drill style.

His time spent living in Ghana and the United Kingdom has allowed him to create music that is a mixture of these cultures. His songs use Ghanaian phrases, pidgin, and slang from the United Kingdom, allowing them to connect with the Ghanaian diaspora.

The fact that Fready collaborates with artists hailing from other cultural traditions, such as Indian and Ghanaian musicians, demonstrates the versatile nature of the former.

Fready Unveils His Latest Single 'Never Broke Again'
Fready Unveils His Latest Single ‘Never Broke Again’

He makes his unique imprint on every song he creates, whether via the production of lyrical compositions or the delivery of hard-hitting 808s.

Collaborations are welcome at Fready as long as the final product is aesthetically pleasing and intuitively satisfying.

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