Feel The Heartache: Satellite Train’s “Broken Heart”

Satellite Train is an Australian based band who combines classic rock, soft rock, and rock-pop styles for an easy listening experience. The track “Broken Heart” features a male vocalist and is sure to get your emotions flowing.

The overall production of the track is fairly straight forward and simple, relying mostly on guitar and drum to tell the story of a broken heart. With the presence of a bass guitar, the rhythm section is smooth and comforting, thankfully not drowning out the guitar / vocal lines. The guitar work is a mixture of hard and soft leads and fills, featuring tastefully done solos and harmonies that manage to keep the track interesting throughout.

The vocals of the track are delivered with passion and emotion, showing just the right amount of sorrow and pain. The softening effect placed on the vocal mixes extremely well with the guitar and percussion, while still retaining a rock sound. In addition, the mix of multi-layered harmonies in the chorus combined with the increased emotion in the performance give the song more depth and make it more memorable.

Overall, Satellite Train’s “Broken Heart” does the job of mixing classic rock with a modern, easy listening sound. From the emotional performance of the vocals, to the heartfelt guitar solos and leads, the track is sure to pull your heartstrings. There is also an acoustic version, give it a listen.

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