Feast on Ferocity with Living With The Storm’s ‘New Animal Culture’

In the savage storm of musical mediocrity, Jim Bryant as Living With The Storm “New Animal Culture” erupts like a voltaic bolt, riotous and unapologetic. This art-pop colossus soars within its pixilated crescendos before crumbling into an effervescent sea of synthetic symphonies; electronic pop rendered with feral beauty.

“Mewling kitten to roaring puma in nine dizzying tracks!” The album ignites ferociously with “No Maps,” weaving ghost whispers from forsaken refugee camps. It pirouettes on the edge of discordant catharsis, voicing unheard echoes against faceless oppression. Stark realism cut with electronic tempered steel but swaying findly as a dervish caught in populist melody.

Snap! Just as gravity loses strength under feathery synths and celestial harmonies — we crash back to earthbound mortality: “When did it get so dark?”. This electro-dirge bathed incandescently in light laments teetering between haunting entropy and hopeful dream-state elation encapsulates Bryant’s lunatic audacity – tickling us till laughter bleeds into tears!

Feast on Ferocity with Living With The Storm’s 'New Animal Culture'
Feast on Ferocity with Living With The Storm’s ‘New Animal Culture’

Fearlessly slamming soulful evocations alongside algorithmic tonality – motley flavors mashed-up inside a hallucinogenic Richardsonian prism ’til they bleed eidetic turquoise. Astonishing! Short yet ample enough for gourmands to feast upon this delirious spectral banquet–a smoky tourmaline aurora that will continue to dance maddeningly behind closed eyelids at dawn’s first blush.

Wash your ears aggrieved by today’s sludge-red homogeny in this Sea-of-Forgetfulness-green melody-shower — Living With The Storm ecstatic phantasmagoria: A reverie echoing through intersections of Byzantine electronica, baroque pop stagecraft and damned-if-I-care lyrical audacity; Scorn-euphoria-rapture! Each palaverous note a scintillating dervish spinning out cosmic insights, daring you to tame this ‘New Animal’ – welcoming you boldly into the eye of its storm…one sonic cyclone at a time.

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