Experience the Enchantment of Herald K’s “Echo’s Song”

Herald K is an Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Vienna, whose music blends the sounds of Americana with classic artists like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. His debut album “Strange Delights” was released in 2019, with assistance from some of Vienna’s best instrumentalists such as Stephan Steiner and Katie Kern and also produced by Jürgen Plank.

The album was well received, and Herald K even partnered with Leena Koppe, a renowned cinematographer, to create a video for his song “The Light Of Your Eyes”. By combining classic sounds with his own personal touch, Herald K has made an album that speaks to both the old souls and the modern romantics.

Herald K’s ‘Echo’s Song’ is a stunning alt-folk piece that will charm any ear. With its acoustic-driven indie folk instrumentation and lush, dreamy qualities, it is sure to enchant listeners looking for something new and different. The song is written to tell the ancient story of Echo and Narcissus, but with particular emphasis on Echo’s point of view. It is sung as a duet between the artist and Lina Louise. The track is the fourth release of Herald K’s ‘Mythologies’ project, a showcase of unique and curious sounds.

The music on ‘Echo’s Song’ is simply gorgeous, providing a truly immersive experience. It is beautifully arranged, with the guitars and piano weaving together a vivid sonic world. The nyckelharpa gives the track an ethereal feel and the gentle percussive elements keeps the entire composition grounded in a dreamy reality. There is a true sense of the ancient tale being told in each bar and the emotion behind the track is truly captivating.

Herald K’s ‘Echo’s Song’ is an exquisite piece of art that brings to life the story of Echo and Narcissus. With its lush folk-inspired soundscapes and delicate instrumentation, it is an absolute must listen. It’s a dreamy, unforgettable track that will leave listeners hoping for more from the Mythologies project.

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