Anthemic Single “Waiting in the Wings” From Laurence Murray Project

Laurence Murray Project is a four-piece band from Edinburgh, Scotland, led by singer-songwriter-guitarist Laurence Murray. Their sound is a mix of Rock, Blues, Psychedelia and Soul, heavily influenced by 60s and 70s Psychedelic Rock acts such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Historical musicians like John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen have also made their mark on the band’s soulful, throwback singing and songwriting style.

Prior to the pandemic in 2020, Murray made a journey to the Middle East, working as a Music and English teacher in refugee camps which fueled his writing. It was an eye-opening experience that made him aware of what it truly meant to fight for liberty. His writing explores themes of unconditional love, longing and dreams. It is full of candor on self-exploration, hope, and mystical experiences.

Laurence Murray Project’s “Waiting in the Wings” is an iconic indie rock song with powerful male vocals, perfect for anthem-style singalongs. Hailing from the UK, this song takes on themes of longing, dreaming, and self-reflection. To both the vocal delivery and instrumental accompaniment are very fitting for the its lyrical content.

The track opens with a driving beat and hypnotic lead guitar line, setting an almost dreamlike atmosphere. The song then bursts into life with Laurence Murray’s powerful singing, strongly conveying its message of long-term hope and longing. His voice has a sincere and emotive quality, painting a vivid image of the protagonist waiting patiently for someone who is yet to show up.

The chorus is particularly effective, rising from a gentle rise to an ambitious and climactic end. The chorus’ simultaneous anguish and emotion is accentuated by the subtle backing vocals, adding to the overall anthem-ish feel of the track.

Overall, Laurence Murray Project’s “Waiting in the Wings” is a compelling indie rock piece that drips with emotion and longing. The song takes on powerful themes of unrequited love and waiting in limbo, and infuses it with an anthemic pop sensibility that makes it one of the project’s best works. With an effective mix of driving drums, hypnotic guitar, and emotive vocals, this track is sure to have you waiting in the wings.

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