Ethereal Collaboration: Holy Høly and NUN’s Mesmerizing ‘From The Ashes’

Hello, have you heard this new song “From The Ashes”?It is a project by NUN’s Olaf Karbowiak and Ewa Baran, who performs as Holy Høly. Yeah it’s quite awesome, something like Portishead i suppose.

It is ethereal, it levitates above the music. She’s also on some Rhodes keys as well which makes things even more romantic. This was an extra layer that Olaf’s production brought that just seemed to finish everything off.

There is also a music video for this song with some cool shots of cyclists against stunning natural backgrounds, captured by drones. It complements the lyrics of the song well – gives me the impression that I am on a voyage or something.

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It is a project by NUN’s Olaf Karbowiak and Ewa Baran, who performs as Holy Høly.

This is actually just a track preview for the NUN album called ‘Escape From The Forest. ’ I heard there may be an overhead single disc release on vinyl or something, which would be cool. Ewa actually has a brand new solo album in the works too, called #262626.

It’s going to be like downtempo electronica with jazzy elements. She is very diverse – she does acid jazz to trip-hop. This is a chilling, thought-provoking song and if you like this kind of music you should really listen to “From The Ashes”. I remember it as one of those songs that make a deep impression.

Watch From The Ashes below

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