Confronting Mortality with Music: ‘Finite’ by The Formalist

In an era when the world stood still, The Formalist – comprised of sonic architects Stephen Krieger and Erik Laroi – carved a time capsule out of thin air with their poignant single “Finite.” As New York City’s streets echoed with uncertainty, “Finite” captured that raw heartbeat against an ambient canvas.

The track is an exploration in intimacy; whispers of guitar strings intertwine with electronic synapses as if each pluck and beat were chronicling humanity’s inner turmoil. Krieger’s production skills don’t just fashion beats—they sculpt emotions, setting a foundation upon which Laroi drapes his vocals like velvet curtains parting to reveal the dawn after a long night.

To call it ambient might undersell its experimental ferocity. Think James Blake meets late David Bowie—there’s life within these digital reverberations; encapsulated stories smolder in every synthesized queue. It’s decidedly minimalist yet delivers maximum impact as haunting synth patterns lace through the cyber textures that compel you to listen closely or risk missing the mosaic of feelings laid bare.

Confronting Mortality with Music: 'Finite' by The Formalist
Credit: David Doobinin

“Finite,” true to its name, confronts mortality itself—the fleeting nature that affixes value to our breaths—and finds beauty there. Its thematic heft doesn’t so much weigh down as it offers an anchor during tempestuous times. Memory and loss are rendered not just lyrically but also sonically; Laroi’s haunted timbre lingers like fog over gravestones in grey mornings at Greenwood Cemetery where memories – ever transient – solidify into something we can feel tangibly for four minutes and eight seconds.

It would be misleading to suggest this single isn’t challenging—it requires your ear, your heart, your patience—but what unfolds is nothing short of cathartic release experienced collectively but felt singularly deep within one’s marrow.

As finiteness becomes us all eventually, The Formalist has offered up an enduring soul cry—a testament encased in frequencies—that even amidst the deepest losses our longing for connection ties us irrevocably together across time and space. This musical piece stands as both echo and bellwether: reminding us tangible echoes can arise from intangible uncertainties—crafted exquisitely by two artists turning isolation into shared resonance.

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