Christiana Hati Shares “Testimony” Official Visuals

Christiana Hati is more than just a name; she is a musical movement that began in the sleepy hamlet of Kowei, which is located in the Sissala East District of Ghana.

She sings deep gospel tunes with the intention of not only entertaining, but also enlightening, and drawing people closer to Christ via her music.

Christiana, whose full name is also affectionately known as Christiana Hatibie Bentie, is not a novice when it comes to the teachings of Christ. After devoting a significant portion of her life to the ministry, she has just lately discovered another means to communicate her religious beliefs, and that is via the powerful use of her voice.

And what a breakthrough this has turned out to be! Her first single, “Testimony,” which was created by the very skilled Kaywa, was more than simply a piece of music; it was the anthem of her soul.

This music garnered her not just acclaim but also a larger platform from which she could spread her heavenly message much beyond the confines of Ghana.

But music and praise are not the only things that make her a heartthrob. In 2021, Christiana spearheaded a project with the moniker “Help a Needy Widow,” further demonstrating her dedication to the betterment of society, particularly in Ghana’s northern area.

Christiana has added yet another amazing accomplishment to her resume by launching “Hati Testimonies TV.” This show is an internet programme that can be found at the moment on YouTube.

It serves as a lighthouse for people to tell accounts of the many miracles that God has performed. And as if that wasn’t enough, fans have lately been given a visual treat in the form of the official music video for the song “Testimony,” which was filmed in Accra by Scoby Philms.

The music video presents a sincere representation, focusing on Christiana as she sings praises to her Lord while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Along with the beginning of her career as a singer, Christiana honoured her special day by throwing a big premiere party for her brand-new television programme. This was a pleasant turn of events. What a wonderful example of parties with a purpose!

Christiana Hati Shares “Testimony” Official Visuals
Christiana Hati Shares “Testimony” Official Visuals

But before Christiana was a singer, before she was a humanitarian, and before she was a presenter, she was a student. Her academic career got off to a strong start when she enrolled in the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom.

She went on to get a degree in Marketing later on. She graduated from the University of Professional Studies Legon with a Master of Philosophy in Global Leadership to round off her academic career.

In addition to the artistic endeavours she pursues, she is also an entrepreneur who has established a presence in the construction and supply industries.

We don’t simply see a singer when we look at Christiana Hati; rather, we see a force of nature. She combines her faith, her ability, and her commitment to produce an effect that is difficult to forget.

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