Catlea’s “Lying”: Sweet Venom in Sound

In the shimmering labyrinth of indie-pop cascades Catlea’s latest single, “Lying,” a gleeful whistle in the shadowy forest of love gone deceitful. From Cincinnati’s very heart pulses an electrifying bolt of energy that strings lights into the caverns where hearts beat hidden and songs like this one echo long after their last note.

“Lying” is not merely a track; it’s a vivid rebellion against dishonest affections, wrapped in jubilant melodies that deceive you with dance while smuggling knives to cut ropes of gaslight. With each strum by Oscar Garcia-Bragado and each kick from Bryan Curtis’ drum, there lie secrets untold — friends over lovers, truths over lies. Every beat a stomp on the grave of dead-end loves.

Catlea deals her delightful venom with such sweet vocals recorded at PLAY Audio; think lollipops dipped in lemon — tempting yet sharply awakening. The craft stewed well under Jason Boshoff’s oversight boils up synths so vibrant they could paint rainbows in monochrome rooms; thus building bridges over troubled waters between beats and breaths alike.

Catlea's "Lying": Sweet Venom in Sound
Catlea’s “Lying”: Sweet Venom in Sound

Building on the momentum of her previous hit “Like Me,” which amassed millions of streams, this new carousel ride of a track features Dreweybear’s deftly crafted echoes that resonate deeply, causing listeners to nod along, captivated. It heralds “Language Barrier”, an upcoming album from this star, yet speaks clearly: betrayal has met its sonorous match.

So spin “Lying” once — or dare I say thrice? Let loose those sails for where words meet winds mightier than mundanity. And when having danced among these untrustworthy shadows masquerading as past paramours illuminated under disco balls—remember simply this: In lies we find truths sung beautifully bitter-sweet.

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