Brian Walker Debuts New Single “Ring Ring”

The year 2018 came to a close with the release of Brian Walker‘s first song, “Conflicted.” Since that time, his music has been played on many different radio stations, including 92.5 The River.

In the converted bedroom that serves as Walker’s home studio, he creates, writes, and records his music. His own life serves as a source of creativity for his songwriting, particularly the lyrics.

Walker’s catchy melodies tend to be more commercial pop, but his rhythms and harmonies are influenced by a wide range of musical styles and eras. Musically speaking.

Walker spent his childhood in the quaint New Hampshire community of East Kingston, working with his family on the Monahan Farm, a fruit and vegetable farm. At the age of five, he taught himself how to play the piano by recreating songs by ear that he had heard on the radio.

Walker performed 136 gigs in 2022 and has performed over 550 events since 2018. These performances have taken place at a variety of venues, such as the Novelle Lounge at Mohegan Sun, the Berklee College of Music Performance Center, the Deerfield Fair, and many more.

The writing and recording of this song took place over the course of a few years. The city of New York was the setting for the music video.



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