Brian Walker Talks About His Experience With Toxic Vibes In Latest Single ‘Red Flags’

In the converted bedroom that serves as Brian Walker‘s home studio, he creates, writes, and records his music. His own life serves as a source of creativity for his songwriting, particularly the lyrics.

Walker’s catchy melodies tend to be more commercial pop, but his rhythms and harmonies are influenced by a wide range of musical styles and eras. Musically speaking.

The music video for “Red Flags” features a scene in which Brian Walker is taken hostage by one of his admirers. She then watches as Brian Walker throws away the paper after she has given him her phone number. She then waits for him after one of his rehearsals, hits him with a wrench, and brings him back to her apartment, where she continues to abuse him.

Brian Walker is responsible for the composition and production of this song, as well as the conception, directing, casting, editing, colour grading, and acting in the accompanying music video, and he came up with the plot.

Grammy winner DJ Swivel was responsible for the song’s mixing, while Grammy winner Chris Gehringer was in charge of the song’s mastering.

This song was written by Brian Walker, and it is based on one of his previous relationships. During the summer of a few years ago, he was spending time with this girl, and there were several warning signs that surfaced as a result of their relationship.

He was receiving a lot of negative feelings from being around her, and he found himself in a lot of precarious circumstances in which he stood to lose either way.

A few months later, he came up with this rhythm, and when he was going through his lyric ideas, he thought that the notion of “Red Flags” was the lyric idea that seemed the most organically suited to this beat. He decided to go with that idea.

The release of both this song and its accompanying music video was long overdue. I get the impression that taken as a whole, this project is the most exciting piece of work that he has produced so far in his career, and that it speaks the most to who he is as an artist. This is because it was developed by him.



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