Break Free With Meat In Space’s Latest Single ‘Outta My Head’

“Outta My Head,” the latest single from ‘Meat in Space,’ is a sonic expedition into the realm of self-discovery. The solo rock project of multi-instrumentalist Shawn Stedman, hailing from the Bay Area, dives headfirst into a musical journey filled with distorted guitar riffs, raw vocals, and a fusion of instruments that showcase Stedman’s multifaceted talents in guitar, bass, drums, tape recording, Casio drum machines, synths, mixing, and production.

The catchy hook, “outta my head,” can be heard throughout the track, which intensifies the experience and keeps the listener on the edge of their seats. This energetic rock anthem serves as a vessel to transport its audience to another dimension, inviting them to embrace their own personal revelations.

“Outta My Head” was meticulously crafted right in Stedman’s own bedroom, proving that sometimes the most powerful music is born in the most intimate of spaces. It’s a testament to Stedman’s creative prowess and his ability to create a musical landscape that resonates with those seeking their own path to self-discovery.

‘Meat in Space’ touched on the main inspiration behind the song, he stated “I genuinely hope this song gets people out of their head. It’s a message I myself need, and hopefully can be medicine for others.”

Enjoy Outta My Head below


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