Baba Kuboye Takes You Through The ‘Cultural Canvas’ With His New Album

At this point, it is safe to say Afrobeat has taken over the world by storm, the genre which originated in Ghana and Nigeria, has now become a global phenomenon which is widely recognized across the globe because of its elements and style. I am sure you have heard from various Afrobeat artists but have you heard of Baba Kuboye? Let me tell you about his latest album which he titles Cultural Canvas.

Cultural Canvas is an 10-titled album from the camp of Baba Kuboye an LA-based recording artist who is deeply rooted into his African heritage, he uses music to share his experiences, emotions and thoughts because that is the best way he can.

Baba Kuboye has carefully selected 10 songs that blends afrobeats, dancehall and hip hop melodies resulting in eight tracks reflecting his cultural experiences and advocacies. Cultural Canvas carries a powerfully message mixed together with mesmerizing grooves that has the power to alter your mood, a typical is the opening song “Soft Life”.

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Cultural Canvas carries a powerfully message mixed together with mesmerizing grooves

“Soft Life” has a playful tone and relatable lyrics, the lyrics depicts the essence of enjoying your time on earth, it has some crazy Jazz sounds the song is not crowded with lyrics only a few and repititive phrases that sticks with you for a long time.

Each song on the album is unique because they all carry different messages ranging from having a good time, staying true to yourself, perseverance, unity and he also shares his musical journey and touches on the essence of pursuing your goals. Cultural Canvas is a blend of upbeat, energetic songs filled with various styles of UK rap drill, live big band recordings, spoken word, and his fabulous alto and tenor saxophone performances.

When asked about the inspiration behind the album this is what he had to say

“I believe that true clarity in interacting with the world comes from understanding oneself first,”

He continued to say

“The album is very special to me because I created the opportunity to collaborate with my great great grandfather Josiah Jesse (J.J) Ransome Kuti on track 9. He wrote and recorded a song about deliverance called Igbala in the late 1800s; he wrote and composed many other popular Yoruba gospel songs in his time.  I take my culture everywhere I go, because it is my heritage.”

With this you can tell Baba Kuboye strives at keeping his African culture alive and this is evident while listening to the entire 32 minutes and 7 songs. One amazing thing about the album is the diverse instrumentation which was used during the production of the album.

The last track on the album is the extension of the first one a longer version of “Soft Life” a bonus track. Appreciate the complex and captivating Cultural Canvas while exploring the vibrations, ear-pleasing melodies, and aura creating a picture of this everlasting here and now that feels personal!

Listen to Cultural Canvas below


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