Allegra’s Musical Evolution Reaches New Heights with Tiësto Remix

London-based artist Allegra has been making waves in the UK music scene over the past two years, and her latest music releases have solidified her status as a breakout artist. With her irresistible drive and pop sensibility, Allegra has been steadily climbing toward commercial success. Now, she is poised to release her most significant project to date—a collaboration with none other than the renowned Tiësto, who has crafted a scorching remix of her current single, ‘Round & Round’.

While Allegra’s previous singles featured collaborations with notable DJ/producers like Tobtok, Full Intention, Majestic, and R3HAB, her partnership with Tiësto takes her musical journey to a whole new level. Tiësto’s spectacular remix for this special release is a testament to his expertise as a superstar DJ/producer and established hit artist. Set for release by Radikal Records and its international label partners on May 26th, ‘Round & Round’ (Tiësto Remix) is expected to make a massive impact.

Tiësto has delivered a jaw-dropping remix on Allegra’s ‘Round & Round’, infusing it with his signature production quality, trademark sound, and irresistible musical hooks. The new mix effortlessly straddles the line between club and pop music, making it a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. This stylistic fusion opens doors for support from both big-room DJs and daytime radio DJs alike.

Allegra’s musical evolution reaches new heights with the Tiësto remix of ‘Round & Round’. This exciting collaboration marks a pivotal moment in her career, further propelling her towards wider recognition and acclaim. As fans eagerly await the release, it’s clear that Allegra’s star continues to rise, and this collaboration with Tiësto promises to be a defining moment in her young and promising journey as an artist.

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