UK-Based Singer Ivy Ash Returns With Brand New Single

Ivy Ash, an artist located in the United Kingdom, is making a strong start to the year 2023 with the release of her newest track, “Stop, Rewind”.

The message of the song is to learn from your errors and go on with your life without allowing the past to keep you back. This comes after the publication of her previous track, “You, Not Me,” for which she worked with the BIMM Institute and the Screen and Film School Birmingham to produce a breathtaking music video. This follows the release of her previous single.

Ivy Ash is well-known for offering a fresh viewpoint on a variety of themes, including feminism, mental health, and the acceptance of one’s body. She is also an emerging artist and topline writer. Her work as a songwriter extends over four years, and she has a unique and worldwide viewpoint, all of which are evident in her songs.

Ivy Ash demonstrates their signature sound in the track “Stop, Rewind,” which is both immediately recognised and contagious. Even after you’ve heard the music a few times, you’ll find yourself pressing the repeat button.

Ivy Ash is navigating the music market one step at a time despite the fact that she is a do-it-yourself music artist with minimal resources. Despite this, she is being consistent in her music releases and creative endeavours.

Ivy Ash’s virtuosity as a vocalist, which she demonstrates via both her acrobatic vocal runs and her emotional belting, is what sets her apart from other singers.

This range was evident in her early work, and it remains so in her most current releases as well. Her previous work is a good example of this. Ivy Ash is an artist that will be worth keeping an eye on in 2023 and beyond.

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