Butterfly Haus With Stunning Debut Album “Time Bomb Season”

A historic collision of introspection and analysis, a stirring ballad from turbulent times… “Time Bomb Season” is the debut full length album of Brooklyn-based indie alternative project Butterfly Haus. Created by New Jersey-born Nigerian recording artist Osaze Akerejah, this searing record is nothing short of a masterful odyssey through rap and soft rock delivered in an arresting blend that celebrates Akerejah’s unique creativity.

Influenced by some of the titans such as Kate Bush, Jay-Z, Arcade Fire, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and Prince; every moment on “Time Bomb Season” leads up to a thrilling adventure never heard before. Let’s dive into why The Butterfly Haus has firmly cemented itself with their unmissable entrance onto the music landscape.

The album “Time Bomb Season” by Butterfly Haus is an absolute masterpiece. Not your typical rap or hip hop, this 10-track US based project finds a way to blend electronic and traditional hip hop sounds with an incredible melodies. This debut album dives deep into the human soul and its emotions. Listening to it will allow you to journey through a world of introspection, finding joy in each tune.

The album explores the concept of hope vs hopelessness in a nuanced and thoughtful way, with lyrics that are both poetic and evocative. It dives deep into the idea of struggling with anxiety and coping with pressure, while also processing pain and seeking out hope. The artist’s songwriting is a testament to the human experience and its complexity.

They explore themes of resilience and acceptance, while also expressing vulnerability and longing. The music is captivating, with a blend of ethereal sounds and melodic vocals. From the dreamy soundscapes to the heartfelt rhymes, the album is a powerful exploration of the inner workings of the human psyche. It is an intimate and honest look at the fragility of life and ultimately, a reminder of the power of hope.

This album was created as a response to a difficult time in the artist’s life, including a cancer diagnosis, feelings of anxiety, and dealing with heartbreak. These deeper emotions are fully expressed within its 10 tracks, creating a soundscape of melancholic bliss that is sure to sooth even the most troubled soul.

Overall, “Time Bomb Season” by Butterfly Haus is an album that connects with the listener directly and effectively. No words can describe how absolutely stunning and beautiful it is. Each track will leave you feeling a sense of peace, knowing that no matter what hardships life throws our way, music has the power to bring us all together.

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