Thexele Provides You With Music For The Soul

With unimaginable piano tunes, to breathtaking synth waves, multi-talent instrumentalist Thexele invites her listeners into a new world where she takes them on a spiritual and emotional journey.

The songs on the albums are unique with each giving a different vibe, some of the songs are slow and melancholy, sensual, while others are upbeat and danceable.

Undeniably one could tell the efforts and sleepless nights she had to go through to produce such a masterpiece. The album takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride, taking you high and lowering you, yet it maintains it momentum.

“This music is valuable to me, and I hope it will win the hearts of the listeners. Having gained new professional experience, I was able to revise the mixing and mastering of the tracks, add new touches to the arrangements, and, in some compositions, significantly improve the production and add my own vocals and back vocals.” – Thexele.

Although the songs alternate, the theme of the album doesn’t flick as Thexele aims at bringing serenity to the listener as the title of the album states – Music From The Soul.

The title is evidently displayed throughout the 10 tracks, Music From The Soul is an indication of her growth, the growth Thexele has accumulated over the years.

Listen to Music For The Soul below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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