“Then and Now and Now is Then”: Symphony from Steve Sperry

Unpacking the dynamo of rhythm and melody that is “Then and Now and Now is Then,” crafted by Biochemical Process Engineer-turned-electronic aural architect Steve Sperry, demands an immediate second listen. In this seven-song musical expedition, Sperry plunges us directly into the effervescent pool of his mind and douses us in an electrostatic storm of synthetic soundscapes.

The album begins with a pulsating tempo that sets the rhythm for the continuum of music that Sperry affectionately refers to as ‘liquid music.’ The concept is unique, melding fluid dynamics and conventional music theory – a testament to Sperry’s engineering background. The outcome; a dance floor siren call that weaves through the DNA of this energetic EDM album.

Sperry is seemingly a master of transmuting feelings into frequencies, a talent that truly presents itself throughout the album. In certain measures, you find yourself subconsciously swaying to the hypnotic rhythm of sub-bass frequencies. That’s Sperry’s charm: he doesn’t just make house music; he builds an audible home with capacious heart rooms where nostalgia and anticipation play tag.

The calibrated interplay between digital elements and traditional instrumentation establishes this album as more than just a technological output. There’s a captivating depth to the composition that proffers a three-dimensional soundscape, pulsating with vibrant energy.

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Notable tracks on the album include the opener “Flying Under the Ben Franklin,” a sonic sunrise where serene synths wax and wane, painting a fresh dawn in neon strokes. “Million Dollar Scratchie” is yet another stand-out, serving as the perfect closing track after you’ve ridden the album’s pulsating roller coaster. It’s a quiet downpour of soft synths and light beats, a soothing lullaby after an electrifying dance party.

Despite the rhythms and melodies that harken back to the electronic dance music of the early ’90s, Steve Sperry’s album feels refreshingly now, edging into the sound of the future. Drawing inspiration from giants of the genre yet crafting a sound distinctly his own, this duality of the old and new results in a coherent, radiant trip across the electric spectrum of house music.

In conclusion, “Then and Now and Now is Then” is a vividly painted auditory journey that will leave you drenched in sound and thirsty for more. It’s a house party with rooms full of dreams, pulsing with the kind of energy that renders time irrelevant —because for Steve Sperry, the ‘Now’ is always cocooned in ‘Then’, and music is evermore, a fascinating flux.

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