The Authentic Sound of Ian Onis: A Review of ‘The Right Choice’

You must hear this new Ian Onis track titled “The Right Choice” as the guy’s specialty happens to be greatly soulful electronic songs, and this latest single maintains that theme. Creatively it combines chilled out beats, groovy downtempo sounds and smart drum and bass rhythms – making you feel the nostalgia of that nine sound.

And here´s the thing – “The Right Choice” demonstrates such loving and lovely atmosphere. Ian’s lyrical poetry and his soft vocal passage plunge one directly into that mood. They have a bit of Everything But The Girl and Faithless in them, but overall the atmosphere is the kind you hear from Heat and 25th Hour movies.

And speaking of personal authenticity – Ian used to go by Pauliq but on this album he has included his own vocals for the first time, hence the kiss of life and soul. He is found to perform grunge influenced vocals that corresponds with the downtempo liquid drum and bass, jazz inspired keys and spacy synths. To me, it’s just a completely different tune.

Ian’s kind of music, you not only feel but also understand how to be creative. “The Right Choice” is a track that opens your ears and takes them through a tranquil trip of a rhythmic sophistication blended with harmony. Go and give it a try: It’s available on all the main digital platforms.

Nowadays, where many people assume that most music is prepared, the unique sound of Ian Onis is the real deal. He calls you to be deep and interactive and to create an authentic bond through sincere powerful music. This could be the only way!

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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