TANA Got “Hollywood Problems” In New Enticing Single

Despite the rather generic-sounding title, TANA has just released a new track that goes by the name “Hollywood Problems.”

When you listen to something written by TANA, as always, powerful mental images will pop into your head. She is extraordinarily talented and accomplished when it comes to using a pen.

It’s about a made-up LA girl that fits that stereotype. The protagonist is the kind of person everyone wants to be or be with, yet despite her seeming success, she is plagued by issues that plague only other females like her.

You can tell that she carefully considered which instrumental would best complement the song, and her vocals are soothing yet give the tune an alluring atmosphere.

The song is very enjoyable and encouraging to listen to. It’s kind of broken, which adds to the impression that she’s a lost queen who’s nonetheless really lovely.

She drew inspiration for the creation of the song from a diverse array of sources, which resulted in a sound that is endearingly varied and unique.

An artist who works across genres and whose body of work is influenced by the many different points of view that can be taken on homosexual society.

A queer voice with origins in both Italy and Nigeria, currently residing in London. Unrepentant and empowering, she prioritizes the inclusion of a diverse range of people.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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