Surreal Sounds: “Show Me Your Scars” by Nina Anto

Touched by the soft dusk of Nina Anto’s ghostly yet intense voice, “Show Me Your Scars” takes you on a surreal dance between pain and pleasure. This song is more than a regular tune, it quivers under the force of package full of emotions flung randomly in a vast blue sky sprawled with stars.

This ditty gives you an adrenaline rush, directly jumping from piano’s feel-good tease to soulful strings that seem to sob out of happiness. It imprints your mind with lovely memories. Don’t let its seductive mix trick you; what you’re hearing here involves loads of raw emotion nudging each note forward as naturally as blood circulates in our body.

Anto delivers sweet relief while matching note-to-note with Danny Clvrk’s smooth rap lines- making it all look effortlessly beautiful yet scary like new planets forming from leftovers by Moses Sumney and Sampha. Even if art pop and indie come together for this shaky performance, they tend not to agree on certain strengths and weaknesses! The music is lively yet frustrating at the same time!

Surreal Sounds: “Show Me Your Scars” by Nina Anto
Credit: NINA ANTO | Holy Smoke Photography

Despite the complexities handling different themes ‘Necrosis’ managed to put on its own unique spin onto ‘Show Me Your Scars’ which begins with whispers and ends in screams all spotlighting emotional health issues all under music’s vigilant supervision playing tricks delightfully painful encounters—making for an unforgettable chaotic love saga right here.

A musical arrangement that is mildly amusing while being painful…Immerse yourself deeply; allow Nina Anto to wrap around echoes originating from the depth where emptiness meets an extraordinary awe woven forever within music’s baffling structure.

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