Shedding the Toxicity: A Psychedelic Ballad in ‘Pills’ by Lina & Richey

Lina & Richey, the talented duo behind “Songs For Sabotage,” have just unveiled their latest single and music video, “Pills,” which serves as a glimpse into their upcoming second album, titled Clean Trauma, set to release this fall.

iwIn “Pills,” the duo explores the theme of a past self consumed by toxicity—an existence of endless nights of partying and days spent sleeping. It’s a realization that the people you once considered friends were merely superficial companions, devoid of genuine care or concern. Coming to terms with this truth is akin to swallowing a bitter pill, but it ultimately propels you to shed that skin and move forward, albeit with a few battle scars.

This poignant track serves as the first in a series of singles leading up to the official release of Clean Trauma. The album itself takes on a more conceptual approach, with most of the songs stemming from genuinely dark moments in Lina & Richey’s lives.

“Pills” is a heartfelt outcry that encapsulates the experience of realizing that people are not who they initially seemed. The song’s psychedelic and mind-boggling qualities transport listeners on an introspective journey. It serves as a ballad that unveils the bitter pill of truth, opening the eyes of those who listen.

While the lyrics of “Pills” lean towards melancholy, “Songs For Sabotage” ensures that the song remains far from boring. The captivating beats and infectious rhythm make it equally suitable for dancing, creating a juxtaposition between the song’s emotional weight and its ability to move your body.

Lina & Richey have masterfully crafted a piece that invites listeners to confront their own experiences of disillusionment and growth. “Pills” serves as a promising introduction to the upcoming album Clean Trauma, teasing an exploration of dark moments and personal triumphs.

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