Sam Casey Unveils New Single ‘Stupid Bitch’

Sam Casey is a rising star in the music industry, and with her latest EP, she proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Her music is a blend of pop-driven rhythms and catchy lyrics, which tackle two distinct yet overlapping themes: maintaining mental health and making it in the music business.

The title of her second EP, “More Songs About Marijuana And Bad Relationships” is a tongue-in-cheek nod to her willingness to tackle tough subjects.

Produced by JUNO nominee Mike Schlosser (John Orpheus) along with colleagues Laur Elle, AARYS, and Chloe Kay, the EP is a testament to Casey’s growing maturity as an artist.

One standout track is “Stupid Bitch” a song about toxic relationships. The genesis of the song was the idea that some individuals remain in toxic relationships not because they are unaware of their condition, but because they are unwilling to leave. With its infectious melody and clever lyrics, “Stupid Bitch” is a prime example of Casey’s ability to craft memorable pop songs that pack a punch.

Casey’s music is relatable, and her willingness to open up about her struggles with mental health is refreshing. In an industry where the image is everything, Casey’s honesty and vulnerability stand out. Her music is a testament to her resilience, and her determination to make it in the music business.

With More Songs About Marijuana And Bad Relationships, Casey has firmly established herself as a rising star in the music industry. Her ability to tackle tough subjects with catchy melodies and memorable lyrics is a rare talent and one that is sure to propel her to even greater success in the years to come.

As she continues to hone her craft, fans can look forward to more music from Casey and the promise of a bright future for this talented young artist.

My role as an artist is to say the difficult things and to be honest about the unattractive qualities in myself and, in turn, this hopefully may slowly minimize the fears of my listeners. If we can be honest about our identity and even allow ourselves to feel shame about certain aspects of ourselves, then we can accept that shame for what it is and move on. We can be more accepting of ourselves and others

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