Sam Casey Sings Her Heart Out In Latest Single ‘Good Fight’

Sam Casey, a vocalist from Toronto, creates music that deftly combines two distinct but overlapping themes over pop-driven rhythms and infectious choruses.

The thunderous anthems discuss the need of keeping one’s mental health while navigating what can be a difficult and demanding sector, such as the music business.

Her music delves into the same heartfelt areas of introspection and self-examination. Her songs conjure up the tough moments when she must slog through that negativity and emerge stronger, ready to take on the challenging conditions that life throws at her.

Sam Casey writes songs about her experiences with toxic relationships, difficulties with mental illness, and battling against the sensation that things are sliding in and out of control in her life. Her songs may be found on her SoundCloud page.

Sam and her co-writer, the independent pop musician Laur Elle, had a discussion that eventually resulted in the song “Good Fight.”

They were having a casual talk about the need to “appear” like an artist rather than just being an artist, as well as the disparity between the number of female artists and the shockingly low number of women who held positions of power in the music industry.

My role as an artist is to say the difficult things and to be honest about the unattractive qualities in myself and, in turn, this hopefully may slowly minimize the fears of my listeners. If we can be honest about our identity and even allow ourselves to feel shame about certain aspects of ourselves, then we can accept that shame for what it is and move on. We can be more accepting of ourselves and others,”


Most of all, the songs help me realize that I will fall, lose, be rejected, or have a crazy episode from time to time regardless of how hard I fight the feelings and, if I do fall, then I should just accept it, move on and not look back


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