Said Sara’s “Then There You Are”: A Musical Mirage

Did you ever suspect that a cacophony could be as comforting as a lullaby? Said Sara, better known in other universes as David Benson from Acephalix, crafts an audial quilt titled “Then There You Are,” which inexplicably feels like receiving a hug from the gusts of Autumn wind whispering through dry leaves.

Imagine an orchestra where ghosts wield the instruments—a bodhran pulsates with the rhythms of the unearthly heartbeats; each strum on the acoustic guitar seems to draw shadows closer around campfires. The music swirls like fog over a moor, roots and folk entwining seamlessly with haunting electronica waves. It is almost sorcerous how Benson conjures imagery potent enough to paint mirages—or memories—in midair.

“Monitoring, Listening in, Witnessing it”, croons Benson, evoking ancient beliefs: souls of lost loved ones wandering invisibly but sensed through slight rustle or unexpected chill—the universe’s subtle way of sending SMS through natural phenomena. This song stands not only as homage but also subtly nudges our consciences regarding environmental echoes—how nature holds impressions of all who walked before us within every breathed atomospheric molecule.

Said Sara's "Then There You Are": A Musical Mirage
Said Sara’s “Then There You Are”: A Musical Mirage

The genius doesn’t stop at mere lyrics or melody; it breathes life into past connections—like toes unwittingly tapping to beats reminiscent of tribal dances centuries old or eyes shutting momentarily transporting one back to candle-lit vigils by forgotten gravesides marked now by crumbling stones rather than names.

As breezes continue their immortal voyages carrying whispers between worlds unseen yet undeniably felt—”Then There You Are” invites listeners into this spectral ballet and insists your spirit sway along. Albeit short-lived in length, its echoes may linger in minds long after final notes fade away like morning mist under rising sun rays promising another day—and perhaps another sign.

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