Rocking Out with Carousel’s Debut Single: “Your Faith And Your Nan”

Guys think about this “Your Faith And Your Nan”, this the title of the latest single form the camp of Carousel, and surprisingly this is their debut single. “Your Faith And Your Nan” hearing this what comes to mind, join me as we delve deeper into the sound of the band.

Hailing from the streets of London, Carousel is a band that thrives in pushing things forward and shaking people up.

Carousel’s plot is like a scene from the movie. Charlie, Sam, Liam, and Paul coexist with coincidence, mixing authentic experimental sounds and classic rock vibes. Based on their influence by the bands like Joy Division or Led Zeppelin, they have created something that is both retro and modern.

“Faith and Your Nan” is one of these songs which touches you from the very beginning. It has this underlying aggression that hits you in the ears and you can’t get over it. Guitars are roaring, drums are thundering, and the voices? It’s dripping with anger and lack of harmony.

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“Faith and Your Nan” is one of these songs which touches you from the very beginning.

For me, it is the truth of this song that counts. Carousel never shies away from difficult issues, such as financial ups and downs and social unfairness. Through their music they are fighting and making their voices stronger saying what they want to tell the society.

“Your Faith And Your Nan” is not only a song but also an announcement—a mission for anyone who cannot take the current system anymore. The song is an evidence that music is a driving force of change and can bring people together on the same front.

Overall the unveiling of Carousel’s first single has elevated a much needed fresh atmosphere in the music industry. It’s peculiar, it’s unashamed and it is precisely what we should do right now. Therefore, crank up the volume and let Carousel take you to the wild attractions. Take my word, you will not later regret this.

Listen to Your Faith And Your Nan below


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