Rene Russell’s “STAND for the Ocean”: A Musical Battle Cry

Stirring through the multilayers of Rene Russell’s latest release, “STAND for the Ocean”, a Mike Tyson punch in an Iron Man suit.

From first strum, her poignant acoustics and raw heart-woven lyricals marrying Americana-Folk-Rock with undertones whispering back to the 60s’ activism era is like Joan Baez rendezvousing with Bob Dylan in this cosmic music timeline. It screams ‘Revolt!’ yet lovingly encases you in its verdant cocoon – speaking volumes about our environmental kinship gone awry.

Her voice sails across songscape with the fierce virtue of Mother Earth herself, rising and falling like ocean tides under moon’s watchful gaze. Revoicing multiple global dialogues on societal fault-lines into sonorous battle-cries – it invigorates even passive note collectors flitting through today’s fast-cycling music sphere towards immediate action. A sanguine prelude, if one might say, to her upcoming album Fall 2024.

As perplexed as it is straight-shooting this eco-resistance soundscape compels audial surfboarding amidst turbulent socio-environmental tempestuousness whilst injecting much-needed tranquility via smooth mixing magic.

Rene Russell's "STAND for the Ocean": A Musical Battle Cry
Rene Russell’s “STAND for the Ocean”: A Musical Battle Cry

Russell’s threadbare barefoot rallying against broken world orders while reverberating nature’s tenacity is true ear candy for wayward wanderers seeking mellow solace within perforated global narratives.

Simply put: Rene kicks folky-rocky-eco ass! (Yes I said that!) Don’t just Stand…Jump into this musical Ocean y’all!

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