RAGS AND RICHES Inspire with Uplifting New Single ‘Wisdom’

Kentucky based act, RAGS AND RICHES has released a new single, ‘Wisdom,’ an uplifting alt-pop anthem that acts as a call to arms for anyone with a dream. Tanner and Peyton, the Whitt brothers, have done it again and demonstrate their abilities to provide a musical boost for listeners. In this context, “Wisdom” is a light and positive song that encourages people to use their inner power and fight for a better life.

The music and the singer’s voice immediately make you listen to the piece, and the energy that surges through the track does not allow you to stay indifferent to the performance. With passion, the Whitt brothers’ share their simple inspiring message, their encouraging lyrics are wrapped in complex harmonies, elaborate melodies, and electronic sounds. The song is also modern, although there are intentional references to classic pop/rock which gives the song timeless character.

With a gentle piano and strings introduction, “Wisdom” starts with a contemplative mood that increases to a passionate sound with chorus based on empowering lyrics. The audio recording is professionally done, giving the appropriate level of acoustic backdrop for the brothers’ touching vocals. Every verse echoes the themes of the fight and victory, and that is something that Tanner and Peyton masterfully handle in the show. The meaning of the lyrics is explicit, but they have an uplifting message for people who feel lost and require a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Every verse echoes the themes of the fight and victory, and that is something that Tanner and Peyton masterfully handle in the show.

Tanner explained that they recorded some of the music for the track over and over and over until they finally felt they had it right. This dedication along with the natural ability and sheer hard work is evident in every note and every word they sing. In addition, the liveliness and positive vibe of the song clearly mark it as an amazing addition to the discography of the band/artist.

RAGS AND RICHES currently has over five million streams to their credit, as well as impressive video views which show that they are one of the most up-and-coming alt-pop acts currently. Their first song released in 2019, Speed of Sound, received almost a million plays and they have played over 300 gigs across 40 states. With a Josie Music Award for Pop Artist of the year in their portfolio, and future concert at Lovin Life and Backwoods festivals, the duo is expected to achieve more milestones in 2024.

In this song, RAGS AND RICHES clearly and straightforwardly offer hope by singing ‘Wisdom’. It is one of the most touching songs which helps the listeners remember that despite the difficult life situations, the human spirit is limitless and able to overcome all the obstacles. This is not just any ordinary song; it is an artist’s rendition of the Whitt brothers’ journey and their dreams of being musicians all in one track, so anyone feeling uninspired should definitely give this a listen.

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