Oceanless Takes Alt-Rock to New Depths with “This Feeling”

Within the crowded landscape of alternative rock, it takes a certain je ne sais quoi to truly stand out—a unique blend of raw emotion, compelling narratives, and distinctive soundscapes. “This Feeling,” the latest offering from Oceanless, a single in a self-titled EP does not only meet but exceeds these criteria. The duo comprising Will McGarrie (singer and guitarist) and George Sheasby (drummer) might trace their origins back to an early friendship in the schoolyards near Birmingham, yet their music carries a world-worn wisdom far beyond those initial forays into songcraft.

Recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool—an iconic studio that has birthed albums from acts as varied as Arctic Monkeys to Oasis—”This Feeling” is a testament to Oceanless’s resilience and creative spirit despite the trying times of its 2021 lockdown genesis. With limited access to recording facilities, one could forgive them for producing work that felt constrained or rushed; instead, they crafted a track that revels in emotional depth and sonic expansiveness.

What sets “This Feeling” apart is its deft handling of heavy themes—complex relationships, the quest for authenticity, and the painful realization when independence beckons through personal growth. These aren’t just lyrics set to melody; they’re confessions wrought from experience—the kind that resonates universally with anyone who’s ever found themselves entangled in life’s relentless ebb and flow.

Musically speaking, McGarrie’s vocal delivery harnesses both vulnerability and strength—evoking shades of Jeff Buckley’s emotive tenor woven with Eddie Vedder’s gutsy resonance. Meanwhile, Sheasby on drums punctuates this emotional narrative with rhythms that alternate between understated accompaniment during introspective moments to forceful declarations as each wave of realization crashes down upon listener shores.

Oceanless Takes Alt-Rock to New Depths with "This Feeling"
Oceanless Takes Alt-Rock to New Depths with “This Feeling”

Stylistically hovering somewhere between Radiohead’s introspection and Foo Fighters’ energy-driven performances—but without losing sight of their own distinct identity—Oceanless explores multiple dimensions within “This Feeling”. There are moments suffused with simmering calmness abruptly skirted by squalls echoing garage rock ferocity—an atmospheric shift representative not merely of alt-rock dexterity but also symbolic of relationship tumults charted throughout.

“This Feeling” soars beyond mere performance; it unfurls like achingly raw poetry wrapped around chords—one painted stark against Liverpool’s industrial backdrop yet feeling wholly universal. It asks tough questions about freedom’s nature versus comfort’s chains while respecting listeners enough not simply propose easy answers.

In essence: if songs were voyages across seas plagued by tempests born from human emotions,—then consider “This Feeling” your invitation aboard Oceanless’ ship—not merely as passengers seeking escape but rather souls yearning for navigation through heartache towards personal liberation.

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