Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance Team Up for New House Anthem “I Can Do That”

Music, man, it can hit you right in the feels. It’s kind of like speaking this hidden language of the heart, you know? And Nicky Roland, he’s talking it loudly with his latest single, “I Can Do That.” Dude’s mixing up all sorts of sounds in a way that’s just pure bliss to the ears.

Roland’s teamed up with Royden Vigilance for the second time and you can tell they’re having a blast. Their collab hits you like a wave—Roland’s got this French-tinged thing going on that just gels perfectly with some seriously deep house beats. It’s like being pulled into a dance you never realized you wanted.

“I Can Do That,” is like a sound-stew of all the best bits—got that house music hype, the sort of stuff that gets your blood pumping, mixed with these rich, soulful vocals. You’re not just listening to this track, you’re part of the track, right in the midst of all these different layers of sound, and you can’t help but sway to the rhythm.

Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance Team Up for New House Anthem "I Can Do That"
Nicky Roland 

And that hook—they got us all dancing like they were playing our song. The tune’s super catchy but it’s still got that gritty, underground house vibe. And the strings—that’s the smart bit, doesn’t just make it sound more posh, it’s like an invitation right into this lush, sound explosion.

What’s wicked cool about “I Can Do That” is how they’ve got the balance just right. They’ve got parallels going on—some parts are super pop, others are legit deep, the beat hits hard, and then they drop in these massive vocal moments. Every time you listen, you’re hearing something new.

Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance Team Up for New House Anthem "I Can Do That"
Royden Vigilance 

Roland and Vigilance’s collab on “I Can Do That” packs a serious punch—it’s taking you right into the soul of deep house beats. It pumps you up like a Daft Punk classic or some fiery Calvin Harris club hit.

At the end of the day, “I Can Do That” shows that Roland doesn’t just do music—he shapes complete soundscapes. This single? It’s meant to get under your skin. Both these guys have switched on the neon sign for a new road in house music, something that isn’t just fun to listen to, but spins you around and leaves you wanting more. Big shout out to Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance—these dudes are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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