MURDAH SRVC’s “Running on the Surface (TonYnoT Remix)” Review

Fasten your seatbelts, turn the volume up, and leave reality behind with MURDAH SRVC’s electronic pop single “Running on the Surface (TonYnoT Remix)”, a sonic journey that combines an 80’s vibe with modern day EDM sensibilities. This isn’t just music, it’s storytelling through sound and visual stimuli.

The brainchild of vocalist CHE, synth specialist Calti, and drummer Silvio, MURDAH SRVC has once again proven that music is indeed a universal language. This track speaks to those who have ever felt alone in a crowded room or who yearn for flights of fancy amidst mundane realities. It’s more than escapism; it’s almost therapeutic!

With vocal notes mindfully maneuvering through synths and beats crafted by Calti and Silvio respectively, CHE’s performance on this track is blindingly brilliant – he brings anxiety to life and provides it with a dance-worthy soundtrack.

The remix shines new light onto the original song thanks to TonYnoT. The Hong Kong-based producer adds flavor by introducing insistent pulsations and electric energy that elevates the music to another realm – think EDM meets retro-futurism tied together with pop accessibility.

Even visually, this precocious trio refuses to be boxed within conventional lines. Their inspiration comes from Japanese anime “Cyberpunk Edgerunners”, further fortifying their ties with pop culture elements beyond music.

Trust me when I say MURDAH SRVC’s auditory assault can soundtrack more than lingering moments of solitude – blast it at parties for heart-pounding cohesion or during contemplative nights as an audio companion. Formed in 2017 yet seemingly effortlessly entering my permanent playlist rotations? Now that’s impressive service!

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