MothBreath’s Debut: A Cosmic Whirlpool

Immersion into MothBreath’s eponymous debut is a dive headfirst into a cosmic whirlpool. Its threads of melody are silk-spun axioms, spiraling infinity in an unending dance that dazzles and consumes like night scattered ablaze with starlight.

Imagine the Cocteau Twins caught amidst an ether frenzy, notes enveloped by Bjork-storms churning ghostlike wails amidst sizzling shards of synth. Dreamy yet disdainful, their music weaves light from shadows; cackling under moonbeams while gnawing on bones of rotting realities.

Let it be known: vocalist Kirsty Dougall is both ethereal songstress and electronic succubus, her avian timbre swooping and swirling around John Libert’s jigsaw guitar work like falcons capering over ruins at dusk. “mothbreath” seductively rips asunder humdrum arenas of shoegaze norms with its spectral caress – evolved for listener flight through psychedelic stratospheres stirred unsettlingly beautiful by desolate whispers below.

MothBreath's Debut: A Cosmic Whirlpool
MothBreath’s Debut: A Cosmic Whirlpool

Beware—this is not music for languid sunbathing against cloudless horizons but rather murky introspection within labyrinthine eddies beneath storm-gripped seas—an insomniac’s lullaby traced across eleven tracks packing tranquil chaos yearning to erupt ghostfire-breathed intensity upon your shivering soul.

Prepare to become intoxicated—a moth drawn irresistibly to flame—with resonances which curl spectral smoke enfolding you soft as gossamer yet relentless as dread-bitter nightmares midwinter.

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