Miu Haiti Asks Lots Of Questions In New Song “Is This Love”

Understanding with complete and utter conviction how your partner feels about you can save you from appearing to be an idiot in front of them.

The indecision and turmoil that Miu Haiti experiences on the inside are brought to light in her most recent single, “Is This Love.”

The intense and overpowering emotions of love are investigated in Miu Haiti in their purest and least processed form.

Her exploration of love covers both the unfiltered experience of love as well as the conceptualization of love, demonstrating how love can make us feel both enthusiastic, euphoric, and gratified as well as vulnerable, exposed, and heartbroken in equal measure.

She does an excellent job of depicting the tangled sensations and thoughts that arise during the honeymoon phase of a relationship and offers a thorough comprehension of this potent and transformational emotion.

Her strong vocals possess a complexity and depth that allow them to transmit the emotional experience that is contained in her lyrics in a way that is both honest and sincere.

Miu’s vocals transcend to hit the highest points of her songs and then descend to depict the grief and sorrow of lost love. Her vocals rise to meet the high points of her melodies and then sink.

The American singer’s voice flows seamlessly over the beat, resulting in a hypnotic rhythm that captivates the audience and holds their attention throughout the performance.

Listen to the song below and enjoy the accompanying music video for your viewing pleasure. Follow her as well on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

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