Kristian Phillip Valentino’s ‘Happily Ever After’ EP Is A Musical Testament to Love’s Resilience

Prepare for an unforgettable journey, one that breaks the boundaries of music and touches the very core of the heart. Kristian Phillip Valentino‘s latest EP, “Happily Ever After,” is beyond an EP, the songs speaks volumes and the serenity that follows is beyond comprehension.

Opening with the heartwarming anthem, “Out of My Mind,” a perfect opening for an EP. Violins serenade softly in the background, while acoustic guitar strings strum with earnestness. This collection represents the culmination of his dedication and passion for sharing his musical gifts with the world.

The seamless flow between tracks enhances the EP’s overall listening pleasure, a testament to Kristian’s songwriting prowess, finely honed to perfection. Released under Asheville-based NewSong Recordings, this five-track gem continues Kristian’s exploration of the indie folk and Americana realms, delivering an emotionally charged musical experience.

The entire EP spans over 17minutes and 9 songs, a good amount of time to enjoy an album this calibre. “Happily Ever After” is heavily centered around rekindled love, a follow-up to Kristian’s previous album, “For Everything, There is a Season.” For those who’ve experienced his earlier work, the synchronicity between these records is palpable.

Throughout the EP, a sonic voyage unfolds, adorned with melodious violins, the gentle strumming of acoustic guitars, and the rhythmic presence of upbeat drums. These elements harmonize seamlessly, setting the stage for Kristian’s soulful and impassioned vocals.

Through his music, he weaves emotions that embrace the listener in a warm, tender embrace, leaving us all as hopeless romantics. “Happily Ever After” reminds us that second chances can indeed lead us to our own fairy tale endings.


Out Of My Head

Stick Around

Taking My Time

Forever, I DO

Find You Sooner

Listen to Happily Ever After below








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