Come Closer As We Jam To Mermaid Avenue’s Album ‘Loveday No. 9’

Mermaid Avenue, hailing from the vibrant city of Brisbane/Meanjin, returns with their third album, ‘Loveday No. 9,’ and it’s a sonic journey that defies conformity. Each track on this album pulsates with the unmistakable essence of Mermaid Avenue, a testament to their unwavering commitment to letting their music evolve organically. The album opens and closes with the exquisite “Embers of Fires Gone,” presented in two distinct versions that bookend this musical expedition.

Notably, ‘Loveday No. 9’ marks a poignant farewell to drummer Tony Judd, a longstanding rhythmic force within the band. But this album isn’t a one-dimensional experience; it’s a multifaceted journey. Alongside their original compositions, the album unveils a treasure trove of remixed tracks from their second album, providing a fresh perspective that complements the overarching narrative of Mermaid Avenue’s musical evolution.

One standout track, the eponymous “Loveday No. 9,” deserves special mention. Despite its upbeat and whimsical musical veneer, the song delves deep into a profoundly relevant and historical theme. It tells the powerful story of Pete Clarke’s Italian grandfather, Alfie, who sought refuge in Australia to escape the looming shadow of fascism in his homeland before World War II. However, once the global conflict erupted, paranoia and xenophobia in Australia led to the internment of Italian expatriates like Alfie on suspicion of being ‘Nazi sympathizers.’

Musically, the track boasts an alternative sound that seamlessly blends elements of alt-rock and alt-country. Its infectious melody will linger in your mind, making it an instant earworm. The guitar work, combining electric and acoustic textures with a hint of country twang, adds depth and character. The rhythm section, with its solid drumming and bassline, keeps the song’s pulse steady, while the piano lends a touch of elegance.

As ‘Loveday No. 9’ resounds through speakers and headphones, it encapsulates not only the soulful spectrum of Mermaid Avenue’s signature sound but also their ongoing commitment to growth, exploration, and authenticity. In a world of musical conformity, Mermaid Avenue stands tall as a beacon of artistic integrity and innovation.

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