Delve Into The World Of Mira Sthira As She Touches On Addiction

Mira Sthira, known not only for her profound work as an addiction counselor but also for her musical genius, presents her latest release, the “A Fix” EP. This brief yet impactful EP features two songs spanning over 5 minutes and 22 seconds in total. The first track bears the same title as the EP, while the second is an evocative remix titled “A Fix – Violet’s Mix.”

Mira’s musical exploration extends from the crossroads of Tbilisi, Georgia, to the serene landscapes of Maine. Beyond her musical pursuits, she draws from her own experiences of growth and healing. “A Fix” is a musical testament to the relentless battle against addiction, irrespective of its form—be it a substance, a person, a behavior, or destructive relational patterns.

This EP stands as a compelling reminder that we must confront addiction, not just in our personal lives but also on behalf of those who are vulnerable and in need of advocacy. Furthermore, Mira calls upon us not to turn a blind eye to the destructive consequences of our collective addiction which can wreak havoc on our environment and the Earth itself.

Within the EP’s lyrical narrative, addiction takes on a persona named “Violet,” engaging in a dialogue with one’s higher, wiser self. The struggle to release the binds of addiction unfolds, with Violet’s uncertainty juxtaposed against the wisdom that calls for stillness, allowing wounds to heal naturally, without the interference of false remedies.

Musically, Mira’s influences are a diverse tapestry, ranging from the pop anthems of Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson to the alternative rock sounds of Beck and Faith No More. Her teenage years ushered in a love for electronic dance music and rave culture, an influence that leaves an indelible mark on her distinctive sound and songwriting.

In “A Fix – Violet’s Mix,” Mira showcases her impeccable vocal layering and emotionally charged delivery, set against a backdrop of ambient synth soundscapes and crisp rhythms. This song serves as a testament to her remarkable ability to craft alternative pop music that is not only musically sophisticated but also emotionally expressive.

Mira Sthira’s “A Fix” EP is a profound journey towards liberation, not only for the artist herself but also for anyone who has wrestled with the chains of addiction. It’s a musical expedition that beckons us to confront our demons, to see the violence we inflict upon ourselves, others, and the Earth, and ultimately, to let it all go in pursuit of healing and freedom.

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