Kings Cvstle Puts All His Emotions In New Song “Men Don’t Cry”

Whoever made this feasible can take credit for creating one of the year’s best records. True, that’s what I meant to say. Kings Cvstle did!

The UK rapper opted to release an emotionally raw and contemplative ballad called “Men Don’t Cry,” which he also uses as a reminder Cvstle as he teamed up with the slam poet WolfKeila.

He wants to express his full range of emotions while also countering stereotypes about guys in society. As a group, we can agree that men have historically been at a social disadvantage to women.

Kings Cvstle is speaking up for the countless men who are keeping their pain to themselves out of fear of being perceived as weak.

The rapper’s zeal and commitment to the song resulted in an emotionally raw single that goes into the mind of a man who has trouble finding the right words to describe his feelings for his partner.

His cadence and delivery are so open that you can almost feel his emotions as he spits each phrase; he clearly wasn’t able to mask his actual feelings.

Everyone who has battled to be themselves in a relationship will relate to the tune, which is a forceful and genuine representation of the intricacies of masculine impulses.

Listen to the song below and watch the video as well. Follow him on Instagram.


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