Jordan Lively Spreads Positivity With New Single ‘Good Vibes’

Jordan Lively has finally found her rhythm thanks to the kind and welcoming community of Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Jordan’s style is a brilliant blend of influences, drawing from a broad range of musical greats, stretching from the soulful tones of Adele to the folk-inspired melodies of The Lumineers.

It is clear that she aimed for a career in the field of music, an ambition that she realised at a young age and has since followed with a forever zeal.

However, what really differentiates Jordan from other artists is the genuineness that can be heard in her songs. Her voice is mesmerising and her voice connects stories of personal battles, weakness, and healing.

It is not simply her music, but also her personality that creates a lasting impression. Her songs start talks about mental health, which connects with a lot of people who take comfort in the fact that she has been through similar things as they have.

Her latest single, “Good Vibes,” is calming. This song is a homage to positivity since it emits joy, hope, and tenacity throughout its whole.

The unique voice of Jordan rides over cheerful rhythms and interesting melodies, creating a sound retreat for listeners looking for an uplifting time in their lives.

Jordan does more than share a portion of her past when she shares her own battles with depression ; she delivers a helping hand in the hopes of building a connection and understanding.

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Jordan Lively Spreads Positivity With New Single ‘Good Vibes’

Her honesty is both brave and necessary since it shines light on a universal topic of the human experience that is often left untold.

The music of Jordan, who has been called a “beacon of hope,” is about more than simply appealing melodies. It’s about making an impact on people’s spirits, throwing light on the importance of mental health issues, and emphasising how important it is to address them.

Dive into her world and let the honesty of her music reach you; it will take you on a trip full of heart, hope, and an authenticity that is incomparable.

You can connect with Jordan via Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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