Landon Ward Takes You Down The Memory Lane With ‘Go Back’

Do you remember the first time you met that special someone? The butterflies that you felt in your tummy? That is the exact feeling that Landon Ward evokes with his new single “Go Back”. Landon brings to life all the past memories we shared with our loved ones, and “Go Back” does exactly that.

“Go Back” is a pop song with a feel-good tune, the melody is catchy and danceable, (killing two birds with one stone I guess), a song that can rekindle feelings, and a song you can dance to. Landon Ward is very passionate about his craft and this can be felt in every note he sings.

Landon has a smooth voice and this is widely displayed throughout the song, the soaring voice on the instrumentation strikes at the heartstrings while drawing your attention to the lyrics of the song.

The repetitive chorus is catchy and addictive, and after the first listen you find yourself singing the chorus. You can tell “Go Back” is well brewed as the production of the song and Landon’s vocals align perfectly, audible enough to hear the words.

Although the lyrics were penned by singer and songwriter Landon Ward, the lyrics easily resonates with the listener and just the purpose of the song, it has the power to make you think about that loved one.

The powerful guitar riffs and synths are skillfully woven, aiding as a guide into a world of nostalgia

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