Jeb Rault’s Album ‘Rising’ Is A Ground Breaking Record

Jeb Rault is a guitarist/singer/songwriter and musical genius with over 30 years of experience up his sleeves, with this in mind you should expect nothing but breathtaking songs from his latest album which he titles “Rising

The title of the album stirs up from the meaning of the word, which means “to ascend”, “to advance”, “to incline upward”. That is just what Rault’s career has been doing since he first started touring internationally a decade ago.

Rising” has a total of 10 incredible songs that pulls at your hearts hamstrings and ear-pleasing instrumentation that leaves you wanting more. The songs were recorded in Spring 2023 at one of New Orleans’ premier recording studios, Marigny Studio, by well known Sound Engineer Ben Lorio.

In each song Jeb doesn’t fail to showcase his magnificent guitar licks that brings the song to life, listening to the album you would hear genres such Classic sounding Blues Rock to Funky Blues, and some darker sounding material as well, featuring layered guitar leads and harmony vocals, this is an album that speaks for itself.

All 10 songs were written and produced by Rault ,include a mixture of different guitar-inspired songs ranging from straight ahead, the first song that opens ‘Rising’ is a fast paced rock n roll song with incredible lyrics, the lyrics are heartwarming and tells the story of a relationship that went south, this song is titled “Pretty Pictures”.

“Rising” is preceded by two previous albums(Yin Yang From The Mire and Sweet Dancer), but this album is nothing like the previous as they showcase the growth and transformation of Jeb Rault.

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“Rising” is preceded by two previous albums(Yin Yang From The Mire and Sweet Dancer),

The album was featured by other talented musicians such as Lee Schwartz on Drums, Logan Emory providing solid rhythm guitar, and Matt Wisdom on Bass, the tracks also feature sit ins by New Orleans talent such as Wayne Lohr on keys, Joe Crachiola on Sax, and Charlie Denard on Grand Piano.

The album spans for 38 minutes and 2 seconds, one point that cannot be overlooked is the uniqueness that the album comes with, not forgetting the great lyricism and storyline that grips you and steals your attention throughout the entirety of the album.


Pretty Pictures

Rocket Me

Riches To Rags

Meet You On A Better Day

My Mountain Girl

Sometimes I Let It Get Dark

Church Song

Step Aside (For Your Sister)

Now That You’re Gone

On The Top Of The Mountain

Listen to Rising below


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