Freddy Blaze Offers Another Highlife Single “Friends”

Freddy Blaze, a singer with a global perspective, offers up “Friends” as another reflective highlife song.

Being friends with people you can’t trust with your secrets can be depressing. Freddy Blaze from “Friends” addresses all of these issues and more. The song’s lyrics raise doubts about the friends’ loyalty and ask why, despite appearing to be loyal and upright at first, their deeds eventually reveal their true selves.

The uncertainty and fear that Freddy probably feels are at the centre of this song with a cautionary theme.

Freddy Blaze is widely known for the broken-hearted song “No Love” which has amassed huge streaming numbers and projected his brand into several households. Friends is the next song following that milestone.

Beatz Fada Beatz produced the song “Friends,” which Apya mixed and mastered. Listen below.

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