Bronze Whale Talks About Their Relationship In The Music Industry In New Single ‘On Fire’

In 2011, Bronze Whale made its debut in the music world, quickly gaining a reputation for making innovative and contemporary remixes.

Benny Alley and Aaron Jaques, who make up the pair, were able to swiftly establish a reputation for themselves in the industry by tackling several facets of the business on their own, such as handling their own artwork management, mixing and mastering, and marketing. Their perseverance and commitment paid off, as seen by the accolades they received as a result of their efforts.

In spite of this, the band came to the conclusion in 2018 that their music was lacking something. They were driven to discover new ways to express themselves via their love of singing and writing music, which resulted in the creation of a wholly original kind of music.

Because of the unique combination of Benny’s chill voice, parts of indie-electronic music, and hip-hop percussion, the listening experience was genuinely one of a kind.

The most recent song released by the band is titled “On Fire,” and it delves into the band’s path of self-discovery as well as the process of taking control of their profession. This CD focuses on their interactions with the music business, how they came to identify their own distinctive style, and how they took charge of their professional trajectory and their future. It is an album that demonstrates their development as musicians and shows how far they have come.

Aaron and Benny have been developing their abilities as independent artists over the course of the previous ten years. They have refined their abilities to make their own artwork, administer their own record label, mix and master their music, as well as generate video material and content for social media. They have also invested the time to educate themselves on the music business and the practices that are prevalent within it to the greatest extent that they possibly could.

Since they did not have the backing of a collective or record label, the pair had to put in a lot of hard effort to establish their own community and find musicians who could contribute to the development of their sound.

They had been operating on their own little island, struggling to make a name for themselves in the very cutthroat music industry. The battle that independent artists go through to make their imprint on the business is represented by the song “On Fire,” which acts as a metaphor for that fight.

The fact that Bronze Whale has been able to change and develop throughout the years is evidence of the band’s commitment to their profession. They have taken charge of their profession and developed their own signature style, which distinguishes them from other artists in their field.

They have shown, with the song “On Fire,” that they have what it takes to be successful in the continually shifting music business.


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